A New Film By Way To Go Media

"The Inner Sonic Key" is a metaphysical documentary about the history, development, and evolution of one of the oldest, yet most secret spiritual traditions on the planet. An eye-opening revelation of the inner sound inside each of us, and its accessibility through sound current meditation.

Virtually every civilization in the world has had some type of creation myth that involved sound, usually sound that was equated with consciousness and that this celestial sound was the first creation, so that everything else created came from such ‘otherworldly’ sound in the ether. A number of spiritual, mystical and religious texts have spoken of this metaphysical equation of sound as an element of their most honored traditions.

Plato wrote that the cosmos was constructed according to musical intervals and proportions. Pythagoras called it ‘Music of the Spheres’ and believed that it fills our inner ears and we are constantly in contact with it from the moment of our birth. Another Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, called it ‘Logos’ (divine word or sound). Some Native American traditions call it ‘Song of the Creator,’ while the Bible calls it ‘The Word’ and ‘Voice of Many Waters’. Hindus refer to it as ‘Anahad Shabd’ (unlimited tone or unstruck melody) and ‘Akash Bani’ (voice from the heavens), while the Sufis say it is ‘Saute Surmad’ (tone that fills the cosmos). Lao Tzu described the Tao as ‘unimpeded harmony’ and referred to the ‘Great Tone’ as the source of all things.

Guru Nanak built Sikhism on the foundations of this 'cosmic tone'. Some believe the knowledge of this 'mystery tone' goes back even farther, beyond the origins of Hinduism, and to the ancient Egyptians of several thousand B.C. Others believe that Jesus taught it to his inner circle, his disciples, and also that Mohammed was aware of it when he was enlightened in the cave at Gare-Hira.

Several spiritual Masters teach that this sound of God is in everyone and that we explore this inner space through meditation. A number of ancient Gnostics mystical texts refer to hearing the sound of God while in deep meditation states. Today, these traditions are a part of the Radhasoami Sant Mat movement, as well as several others around the world. In addition, a number of other cultures, such as the Aborigines, Aztecs, Eskimos, Malayans and Persians all believed that the universe originated in sound. In fact, the very word universe actually means ‘one song or sound’, uni meaning one and verse meaning song.